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Remember how the Blue Jackets were possibly trending up? The whole thing about playing their best hockey this year? Well that ended abruptly last night and the team from the whole rest of the season showed up again, to no actual surprise. The visual result (thanks once again to the amazing work of Behind the Net) of a club that will almost certainly have a lottery pick this year:

Fenwick Timeline Generated at behindthenet.ca

Note that LA (the home team) is in the blue this time.

Two games (2/10 and 2/11) does not a season make. That season-long Fenwick is still pretty awful. A change at GM does not replace a roster full of less talented players (excepting, of course, the excellence of Brandon Dubinsky). This will continue to be a long shortened season. I will still be pleased that there is hockey happening (a last placed team is better than no team at all), but I will also keep an eye on this. Hopefully the actually-good (but very unlucky) LA Kings will also keep up their low-scoring ways. Two picks in the top 10 this June would be reason to expect improvement.

But let’s remember that Columbus sucking this year (with a not-so-good team) is not a bad thing long-term. The current structure is not conducive to sustained winning. Johansen, Murray, and two top 10 picks would be an outstanding foundation for Davidson and Kekalainen to build on. Let this team lose and let good things come next year.