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Nearly every hockey blog will be talking about it, so I’ll get a quick Friday post and my two cents in on the 2013 NHL All Star Logo release. I (unfortunately) could not escape to see things in person, but the the live stream of the event was an adequate lunchtime diversion. An equal amount of hype and contrition permeated the online perspective and made for a part-exciting, part-awkward ceremony (although I suppose that’s par for the course when Gary Bettman is in town). All the cannons, fireworks and the promise of top-talent NHL entertainment were juxtaposed with the reality of the abysmal Blue Jackets season in the remarks of Bettman and Jackets owner John P McConnell. It’s a cruel reality for Columbus fans, but that’s how it goes, I guess.

Let’s take a closer look at the logo.

It’s a nice effort, although it doesn’t feel entirely unexpected. The Ohio flag dominates another Blue Jacket logo (not a bad thing) and the font style pops fairly well. I guess it’s just not very exciting. It looks like an All Star logo, but it doesn’t feel unique. I do feel better when viewing it in relation to the other All Star Game logos over the years. SportsLogos.net has every logo since 1980 in one convenient place, and the Columbus one is probably the second or third best ever to exist. It could be much, much worse.

The main shortcoming and unique disadvantage for this logo is the inevitable comparison to its immediate predecessor. The Ottawa All Star Game had a spectacular, iconic logo:

The Canadian Parliament building takes center stage, the great overall star shape and the exceptional font/color scheme make this the best All Star logo seen to date in the NHL. The Columbus one was probably never going to live up to this, but the play-it-safe option is just that much more underwhelming.

One final complaint isn’t about the logo, but its distribution thus far. The image I’ve included in this post is the highest resolution one I can find and the white highlights on the lettering look very pixelated. Based on photos of printed ASG material being distributed by the team, this isn’t a concern on large-scale products or screens (including the Jackets’ Twitter photo from the event, seen above). Hopefully this is addressed at some point for online media.