Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Welcome to the first post of In Words and Phrases.  This is a blog dedicated to the ideas and events around the authors.  Of course, that’s a pretty broad scope.  And that’s done on purpose.  Previously, the head author (that being me) spent time dealing with a music blog.  It was a very rewarding, but ultimately limiting adventure.  This was especially true of the blog name – it’s hard to fit sports commentary or photography in “Essential Listening.”

So here I am, trying this again but without such a narrow scope.  As of this inaugural writing, there are a few items lined up for IWP.  These posts have topics of music review, cooking discussion, and sports commentary.  You should expect to see the first proper post tomorrow afternoon.

By allowing my writing to wander with my interests, I hope to keep the writing fresh and the posts more frequent.  My old blog had fairly positive feedback, and I thoroughly enjoyed exploring popular music but its weakness was quite clear – it suffered excruciatingly long periods without any new articles.  Ideally, IWP will improve that by appealing to me.  When I’m tired of writing about music, I won’t have to.  When an idea strikes about the NHL, I can follow that and discuss my thoughts and not worry about blog topic consistency.

I do hope you’ll bear with me through the first few months of this new experiment.  It may ramble a bit and may not have a totally singular focus, but I think that will be more fun for everybody involved.  Thanks again for stopping by as we break the champagne on this boat.  I hope you enjoy In Words and Phrases.